Mount Ayr - Tedrow

Tedrow is a small cemetery in the country. In the daytime there is a tree that contains an evil face. But at night the spirits frequently make themselves known. It is not the cemetery but it is the woods that surrounds the cemetery that is haunted. Apparently about fifty to a hundred years ago a small cult came the cemetery and did ceremonies. Now whenever you drive at night into the cemetery you may enter but you may not be able to get out. The reason for this is because there is a glowing object in the woods and if this glowing object gets too close to you you will not be able to start your car. But in order to witness the strange happenings you need to have your car turned off and lights turned off. You can have a flashlight with you but that is it. While you are in complete silence and complete darkness something might run passed you several times and when you look nothing will be there. Sometimes you might hear moaning in the woods

Mount Ayr, Iowa

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40.7147147, -94.235232


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