Floyd - Charles City- Iron Hill

Back on the new walking trail is the site where a train wreck happened. Reports of apparitions & people calling out your name. If you can find the old train go inside and take pictures but there is alot of dust. In the woods there is the train conductor he is a blue apperition I have seen pictures of a friend of mine possing taking a picture of himself, you can clearly see a blue figure. There are also a lot of orbs in the forest. but be carful there are a lot of places you can get hurt. also if you go at night on halloween you can hear a little girl sing ring around the rosey. My friends and I agree the significance of this song is ashes ashes because the ghostes are from the orphan train the place is called Iron hill because you can find iron fromthe train because that is where it caught on fire all on bored suposidly died.

Floyd, Iowa

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43.1277502, -92.7363031


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