Dakota City - Historical Museum

It is said to be that the Dakota City Historical Museum is to be haunted at night. Some nights you can drive by it and see shadows and lights going on and off in the windows. An old lady gives tours there in the summer and says that it could be haunted by the founders of Humboldt County or by the famous wrestler Gotch. December 2003 update/addition: The submitter to the addition has heard of a fisherman walking around there possibly he is there because the Des Moines river is right next to the museum and there is a story of a fisherman drowning to death there many years ago. Another story that is true is that if you walk up to the front sign of the museum and ask it any question it will move to the right-meaning yes or it will move to the left-meaning no. please note it is a hanging sign on hinges. Some people might think it is the wind doing this but it only happens on calm nights when there is no wind or gusts at all. There is a lot of history at the museum.

Dakota City, Iowa

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