Honolulu - Kakaako Fire Station

It is said that this fire station is haunted by the ghost of an old man and his dog. One story tells of a man who wanted one of the rocks outside of the fire station for his garden. They let him take it. The man later reported being haunted by an old man and his dog who showed up at his door both with no head. The man was told to return the rock he took. When he did the hauntings stopped. Kakaako Fire Station on Queen Street is in downtown Honolulu near Kawaihao Church which is on the corner of King Street and Punchbowl Street southeast and diagonally across the street from the Hawaii State Library which is on the northwest corner of the King and Punchbowl intersection. Just west of the library

Honolulu, Hawaii

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21.3069444, -157.8583333


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