White County - Sautee-Nacoochee Indian Burial Mound

Built in 10000 BC by local tribes the legend of the mound goes that Sautee a Choctaw brave had a forbidden love with a lovely young Cherokee princess named Nacoochee (which translated means The Evening Star). The two ran away with each other and hid on the slope of Yonah Mountain. A Cherokee search party found them and Nacoochees father ordered Sautee thrown off the face of the mountain. Seconds after Sautee was thrown from the mountain Nacoochee flung herself after him refusing to live without her love. The two lovers were buried together in a large mound on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. The area is now named after the two. It is said if you desecrate or even tread on the mound bad fortune will come to you from Indian spirits. The mound is historic and located in a field at the intersection of GA highways 75 & 17. Drive by anytime but the mound is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY and trespassers will be PROSOCUTED.

White County, Georgia

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34.6567728, -83.7199136


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