Valdosta - Warrens Blue Bayou

It was said that when this bar use to be a house the former owner hung himself in his office locking the door behind him. Now during the night chairs end up on the floor after being put up the night before. The recent owner apparently was locked out of the office room after she went to use the bathroom. On another occasion patrons starting screaming vulgar words towards the ghost when as soon as they where done the lights and sound just cut off for a minute and a cold chill ran through the room. May 2004 update. An investigator reports they went with two other members of their team and the (then) owner to the building that was known as Warrens Blue Bayou formerly the Bell House (named after James Bell who built it around the turn of the century) and currently known as Vitos Restaurant. Although they did not get any emf readings temperature drops or evps they did manage to get an orb photo. The images are very clear and bright. They had it analyzed by professional developers who could not explain it as a developing error or any kind of reflection. They are attempting to get the current owners permission to investigate further. One orb photo may not seem like much but Mr. Warren related stories about his employees stacking chairs on the table so they could mop only to turn around and have them back on the floor again. Also he alleges that as he sat in his office doing paperwork he felt a forceful thump on his chest. When he looked down there was a wet spot approximately the size of a mans fist on his chest.

Valdosta, Georgia

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30.8327022, -83.2784851


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