Swainsboro - Old Covered Bridge

Not really sure how to tell anyone how to get there but if anyone is local in this town Im sure they know how to get there. The story of this is that a man had drowned his wife in this river for insurance money back in the 30s. He went nuts and finally told the police where to find her body. But no trace of her had ever been found. The story goes that if you go to the bridge put your front tires BARELY on the bridge turn off your lights lock your doors and place your keys upon the hood of the car walk to the other end of the bridge turn around and come back while youre walking across the bridge youll see a light out in the middle of the river floating on top of the water you run back to your car and your doors will be unlocked engine running and lights on. Dont know how to explain this one.

Swainsboro, Georgia

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32.5973856, -82.3337376


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