Savannah - 1790 Inn and Tavern

This Inn was built in 1790 and is haunted by a girl named Anna She was a seventeen year old girl who was shunned after getting pregnant by a sailor. The sailor was said to have jumped out of the third story window and died. He haunts the same room the window was located. Guests claim to lose things such as wallets IDs and underclothes. They will later be found in planters or behind bookshelves. People have also reported hearing Anna in the room moving things around. December 2003 Update/ Correction: The story is that she was in love with a sailor but HE did NOT jump from the window... SHE DID. (He had gone to sea and was not there to throw himself out of a window) She was deeply depressed because he was going to sea and leaving her most likely never to return. It is said that she could see the sails of his boat as it went down river and out to sea. She threw herself from a 3rd floor window. There is also said to be a woman who haunts the kitchen in the inn who used to practice voodoo and a spirit haunts the bar/restaurant area. The submitter claims to have taken photos throughout the inn but have not caught any anomalies on film. However when they tried taking pictures in the bar area their camera suddenly failed to work. Once they left the area the camera functioned with no problem. They also had to buy new batteries twice in one weekend as if something had drained them. On the second floor a linen closet they felt a foreboding presence. Later when talking to a housekeeper at the inn they were told she had had a dream once of a man clad in 1700s clothing coming out of that same closet. She had no idea that they had a really creepy feeling each time they walked by it. The second time they stayed at the 1790s they remarked to the clerk as they checked in that at least they werent going to have to sleep in Annas room. The clerk told them that the window she threw herself from was not actually her bedroom at the time... her bedroom was room 101... which is the room they was staying in! When they reached the room and preceded to unlock the door it wouldnt open. Both she and her husband tried the bottom lock was unlocked but the deadbolt wasnt. They had knocked on the door jokingly saying Anna... come on open up. They returned to the innkeeper and she went up with us to check out the problem. She informed them that the deadbolts could only be locked from the inside and the innkeeper has a master key for those. She pushed down on the door handle and the door opened with no problem! It was if the deadbolt had never been locked yet they BOTH knew that it had been. The 1790s Inn (is actually spelled out as Seventeen Hundred Ninetys Inn in case you want to search the net for it) is most definitely filled with an atmosphere of spirits from the past you can feel it all around you if you are sensitive to that kind of thing. They heard noises in the room at night and guests have been known to leave in the middle of the night after seeing apparitions and hearing strange sounds.

Savannah, Georgia

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