Rutledge - Hard Labor Creek State Park

Two ghosts a man and a little boy whose name is Ethan. The child is not very bothersome. Ethan will sometimes have a red ball he rolls toward you after a few feel the ball disappears. If you throw a rock in the direction of the cemetery you will hear the rock hit the ground once then a second or two later you will hear it hit again. The man was a farmer however is quite malevolent. He slams doors knocks on the walls of the cabins and walks around outside the cabins late at night. if you leave the window shutters open he will scratch on the window screen and the temperature will drop about ten degrees. He only bothers small groups of isolated people. These occurrences only happen at Camp Rutledge within Hard Labor Creek State Park and only at the two cabin clusters closest to the graveyard. Other occurrences on the campsite are: There is a small graveyard located on the site after 12:00AM a figure has been spotted moving in and out of its gates back and forth across the trail.

Rutledge, Georgia

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33.6259545, -83.6123935


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