Rome - Berry College

On the road between the main campus of Berry College and the new mountain campus the 2-mile road is bordered by woods on both sides. In the days before there was a mountain campus students from Berry would go up into the woods to fool around. One such couple who attended Berry in the 40s is the subject of a tragic accident that occurred at Berry. After making love the young man and young woman got into an argument and the boy left his girlfriend in the woods to walk home alone while he drove. After driving a little while he felt sorry and turned around to pick her up. On the way back he wasnt paying attention to the road and he hit something. Assuming it was a deer he got out to look--and it was his lover! She was dead. To this day students at Berry say that if you go to the spot on the road where the girl died (it is not a bridge) and say Green lady green lady green lady that a pale green light will appear in the trees. This is her spirit.

Rome, Georgia

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34.257038, -85.1646726


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