Robins Air Force Base - Aircraft Hangar

In March of 2001 there was a military aircraft that crashed about 40 miles from the base. The bodies and parts were stored in one of the hangars. since then there have been strange noises cold spots and some of the machines have turned on unexpectedly. WARNING: AIR FORCE POLICE PATROLS THE HANGAR AND SURROUNDING AREAS AND YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED BY FEDRAL COURT. December 2003 update: When the plane went down they brought the bodies to the hangar for an accident investigation. I helped clean the hangar and set down the tarps for the bodies. Ever since then in the early morning and late at night-lights go on and off in the hangar. you always feel as though someone is walking around behind you. Some of the sheet metal machines run by themselves even when no one is around. This building is used for sheet metal repairs on aircraft.

Robins Air Force Base, Georgia

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32.6428622, -83.586503


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