Ringgold - Chickamauga Battlefield

There are many reports of seeing a mysterious set of glowing green eyes from a ghost of a confederate soldier. Even during the war soldiers had reported him looking over the dead during battles. Also There is an old tower here that is visible from the main road. The top four steps have a mysterious blood stain on them. People have tried to remove the stains but to no avail. They always seem to return. A mysterious being haunts the area beneath the stairs at night. October 2007 additional information: It is believed the mysterious being living under the stairs in the old tower is said to be part sheep and part woman. There have been reports from people who live in the area of a nest that was removed from underneath the stairs in years past. There are a great number of unexplained things in this park. You can feel the ground shake and hear the cannons explode if you listen hard enough.

Ringgold, Georgia

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34.9159099, -85.1091173


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