Pickens County - Carver Mill Bridge

There is a bridge off Carver Mill Road in western Pickens County that at one time some 50-60 years ago used to be wooden that crossed over Scarecorn Creek. Years ago this couple drove across the bridge and it collapsed on them thus causing them to fall into the creek below killing them both. The bridge now is paved and well supported. You can drive onto the bridge anytime at night and shut the car off and all artificial light(flashlights headlights cell-phone background lights pager blinking red lights etc.)must be shut off and wait patiently in the car and this black figure of an average size man will walk from the end of the bridge and to your car and look into the windows. If a woman is in your car it will most likely go to her first and will continue to examine your car. If you crank your car without turning on your lights and begin to drive off the man will chase you until you are off the bridge. Then the ghost will disappear into the night. The ghost is thre to try to scare people off the bridge so that they wont face the same fate that the couple did. BEWARE: The ghost doesnt always walk right to your car. Sometimes it just appears at your window and can scare you plum to death. It is best if you do this during a full moon so that there is plenty of natural light to see the ghost with.

Pickens County, Georgia

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