McDonough - Camp Creek Trestle

Ghosts have been reported to haunt the area and homes where a train crashed into a flooded creek in 1900. The No. 7 train bound from Macon to Atlanta stopped to pick up passengers at the McDonough Station on a night during a flood. Even after being warned not to leave the engineer was reported saying We will either be eating breakfast in Atlanta or in hell. After traveling only seven miles from the station the train plunged into the swelled waters of Camp Creek after the train trestle had washed out minutes before. Nine out of the forty-seven on board survived. You can reach the trestle if you go north on Highway 42 out of McDonough (located 30 miles south of Atlanta) and turn left onto Ivey Edwards Rd. The trestle is right off the tracks to the left and can be seen from Highway 42.

McDonough, Georgia

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