Greensboro - Early Hill Bed and Breakfast

Formerly known as the Early Hill Plantation this beautiful 3-story mansion was built in the late 1700s for Mayor John Brown. Mayor Brown and his wife had a young girl who died after a branch broke from the tree in the front yard. The young girl is seen swinging from the tree at night. If you sit in front of her bedroom mirror you may glimpse her mother brushing her hair only to suddenly disappear. You can also hear chains rattling in the basement where slaves were kept and buried years ago. There is also a strange vision of an old woman who sits in her rocking chair on the front porch. Of course she vanishes as soon as you step foot on the first stair. Im sure there have been many other happenings which have not been mentioned here. But if you happen to pass by Early Hill dont be taken by its beauty for its what lies within which may haunt you.

Greensboro, Georgia

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