Douglasville - Gray Road

Named after an officer in the Civil War. The old mile and a half long road is a well-known urban legend in the area. An old barn is still present in the woods and sounds can be heard at night. While in the barn at night visions of dead slaves can be seen through the old windows and witnesses have given first hand testimony of seeing Colonel Gray riding his horse around the barn warning trespassers to stay away. Slaves have been seen wandering the road late at night.- May 2004 additional information: If you stop there and turn off your lights and put your car in neutral you will begin to roll very slowly at times it feels as though you are being rocked very strange Though it doesnt happen every time. One group had to try 5 or 6 times before anything happened. Sounds of something walking on the bridge and in the creek have been reported. Reports of an oval shaped black shadow walk towards the car. JUly 2005 Update: The bridge is no longer there.

Douglasville, Georgia

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33.7514966, -84.7477136


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