Dansville - Old Ridgeland Baptist Church

During the Civil War this church would hide injured soldiers from both sides of the war. To mask the moans and groans coming from upstairs the Preacher would play the Wind Organ loudly. In the cemetery there are many bodies buried from the war. It is said you can hear the organ playing and the moans and groans from soldiers. It has been said that you can see someone(s) on the second floor. The area around the church in the cemetery mainly is cooler than other areas. June 2005 Update / WARNING: Richland Baptist Church is on the National Register of Historic Places and is protected by the Richland Restoration League Inc. Its board of Trustees would like for your web visitors to be WARNED: The church and its surrounding grounds (cemetery etc.) are being monitored patrolled and guarded by armed personnel. Anyone caught trespassing on the property will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This historic national landmark (church and cemetery) has as a result of being listed on your web site been repeatedly vandalized and desecrated by adults and teenagers alike from surrounding counties predominately Houston County. Family graves tombstones and markers have been pushed over broken and stolen. Iron gates on family plots have been stolen fornicating defiling family and church property has taken place here as a result of thrill seeking teenagers and adults seeking the site out due to being listed on your web site. As a WARNING TO ALL WHO SEEK TO TRESPASS AND OR HARM THE CHURCH ITS CEMETARY AND OR SURROUNDING PROPERTY: YOU WILL BE ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED. Arrests of 9 people as of 10-8-04 by the Twiggs County Sheriffs Department. Anyone interested in the historical aspects of this church who want to visit it or learn more about it are welcome to contact a member of the Trustee Board of the Richland Restoration League Inc. at

Dansville, Georgia

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