Dahlonega - Stone Pile Gap

A large pile of stones located just north of Dahlonega at the center of the intersection of U.S. 19 and S.R. 60 is the grave of Cherokee princess Trahlyta. Trahlyta was a young woman that sought out The Witch of Cedar Mountain to help her retain her beauty and youth. The Witch directed her to a medicine spring that held the powers of The Great Spirit. But later a rejected suitor named Wahsega kidnapped Trahlyta and kept away from the waters of the spring she faded and died. It is said if you place stones on her grave her spirit will bring you good fortune but it is also said if you remove stones the Witch of Cedar Mountain will curse you. Two times road construction workers have tried to move the stones and both times the trucks have inexplicably wrecked off the side of the mountain some people have even died. The spring now called Porter Spring is rumored to have healing powers.

Dahlonega, Georgia

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