Chickamauga - Chickamauga Battlefield

Many things reported in this area: Every night a mysterious fog rolls in upon the battlefield. Upon driving through the park one may find that there is no fog before entering or after leaving the park only in the park itself. -There are also tales of the infamous Green Eyes a confederate soldier killed by his Yankee twin brother whose eyes can still be seen at night on Snod Grass Hill. An apparition of a soldier walking down the road has been reported. They also say that if you notice him and he notices you he will stare you down until you are out of sight. There is the tale of the bride-never-to-be who still walks the battlefield in her wedding gown during September and October visiting the grave of the man she was going to marry killed during the war.

Chickamauga, Georgia

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34.8711879, -85.2907896


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