Buford - Old Buford Hospital

RT 23 (Buford hwy) It is a really hard place to find but now construction has been booming in that area (new mall of GA) area kids have found the place. They say it is haunted and that some homeless transient kids live there part-time. Update: If this is the same place off hwy 23 in Buford Georgia just behind the public library then it is indeed boarded up all around. The place is boarded up but there is access due to local area teenagers who torn down the boards on the side. The parking lot for the place is now used as a car lot and soon the land will be sold. This place is patrolled by police and you will be arrested for trespassing.Understand this place is being watched carefully by the police and that the Shadowlands does not promote not condone trespassing.

Buford, Georgia

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34.1206564, -84.0043513


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