Braselton - Braselton Town Hall

The older employees at Town Hall will talk about Little John inhabiting the house. Town Hall operates out of what used to be a residence built in approximately 1910 by of one of the Braseltons. The place later because a boarding house/hotel an event house for weddings and then eventually the city renovated it in the late 90s and used to it to house its town hall police department and water utility office. Older employees talk about things being moved odd knocking and footsteps on the stairwell after the close of business and opening up the business in the morning to find closed/locked desk drawers opened. Most recently two employees were standing in the upstairs landing in broad daylight talking when they heard an odd knocking coming from one of the interior closets near the window that is near the attic. One of the police department canines visibly refuses to enter a downstairs conference room that was originally a formal dining room. Little John was at first thought to be some sort of myth created by one of the former patrol division members to delight and scare the female staff members but some current and some retired employees can tell of the oddities that have sometimes occurred in the house. Little John was supposedly a son of one of the Braseltons that had some slight mental problems. Little John allegedly occupied the house for a while and used to pick up stray dogs as pet. He and the dogs mostly resided in the attic until his death. Although rarely talked about there is also a report of one of the former Braselton matrons being seen in the downstairs bathroom. Prior to the house becoming the Town Hall it was sometimes used for wedding receptions and other events. Supposedly a guest at one of the weddings proclaimed to be a psychic and he told of seeing people dressed in formal attire from the twenties standing in the hall and of seeing the Braselton female in and around the bathroom. Being that no harm ever seems to be done some of the employees just laugh when things occur and write it off as Little John being in the house. Some other employees are a little creeped out do not like staying late or by themselves in the building.

Braselton, Georgia

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