Austell - Six Flags Over Georgia- Crystal Pistol Music Hall

According to legend back in 1967 when Six Flags over Georgia first opened an actor by the name of Joe was to star in the opening number for the very first show at the Crystal Pistol. Due to unfortunate circumstances Joe was killed in an automobile accident on his way to work. Apparently Joe is still waiting to perform that number. Several sightings have occurred in the Crystal Pistol of a man who stands at the edge of the balcony and watched performances that are currently being put on. Orbs have been found in photographs taken inside the music hall. After closing many employees will hear a man singing backstage even though there is nobody back there. Employees have also found props missing from the stage and later find the props next to the Railroad tracks which run beside the theater.

Austell, Georgia

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33.8126059, -84.6343783


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