Albany - Stone Gardens

formerly listed on this site as Adams Family Graves The Adams Family Graves are located on a dirt road near the Baker County line. December update: The following was submitted in the past It is a small family grave yard that also has four unknown civil war soldiers graves. No one knows if the graves belong to confederate or union soldiers. Those are the graves of 3 adults and a child along with the Adams family members all marked. Driving down the road you can hear moaning and see things moving in the woods but when you reach the grave yard you hear nothing and see nothing except the graves. If you sit in your car for a while you can see people enter the graveyard and hear them talking. then they disappear and you hear and see nothing again. December 2003 additional information this area is patrolled by the police and you will be arrested for trespassing.

Albany, Georgia

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31.5785074, -84.155741


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