Umatilla - Umatilla Cemetery

The Umatilla Cemetery in the city of Umatilla. Many people have heard strange noises and sometimes what sounds like the faint sound of a woman screaming. Other times You will hear what sounds like a woman?s voice calling for help. Many orb and ecto pictures have been taken in that cemetery. Sometimes You just plain get an eerie feeling when in the Umatilla Cemetery. There are four cemeteries that are either in or around the city of Umatilla. Well actually only two of them are really in the city limits but the one spoken of is located off Golden Gem road in Umatilla. The cemetery is on either side of the street but most of the activity seems to come from the older section in the back. The newer section of the cemetery is on a hill that goes down to a lake the older section where most of the activity is reported is surrounded by orange groves on all three side of it. This can certainly be verified by quite a few people. NOTE: it is not a good idea for inexperienced ghost hunters or kids looking for a cheap thrill to go there at night. The Spirit(s) that are hear are not benevolent and it could be dangerous. You should have experience and have permission to be in there after hours as we did but even then it is advise them to be cautious.

Umatilla, Florida

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