St. Petersburg - Florida Sunshine Skyway Bridge

This bridge was the scene of a tragic accident during the early 1980s. The bridge was struck by a boat and collapsed killing a great deal of people. The ghost that haunts the bridge seems to be unrelated to the accident. He is a hitchhiker that will climb into peoples cars at the bottom of the bridge. By the time the unlucky individual gets to the other side the hitchhiker is gone. Also There is a woman dressed in a nightgown that appears usually around 12am at the top of the bridge and hitches a ride with oncoming cars. One semi truck had his story printed in the paper where he said he picked up a young woman dripping wet and she told him to drop her off on other side of bridge but as soon as he got there she was gone. There were many sightings of this woman on the bridge who locals believe was a suicide victim one of many jumpers on the bridge. The Skyway Bridge is 200 feet tall and connects St. Petersburg to Sarasota. May 2004 Correction: This is a correction to the story already listed. a long time resident of St. Petersburg and knows for a fact that the spectral hitchhiker of the Skyway is not male

St. Petersburg, Florida

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27.6425105, -82.6711483


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