St. Petersburg - Boatyard Village

One couple report visiting the museum to old warplanes sit. ?One day we went to see the planes and there was a B52 bomber with a man sitting inside it. He smiled at me and waved and I told my fianc?e to take a picture. We thought it was great they put on a show with men dressed the part like soldiers of the war. As we left we told the keeper what a great idea that was. He didnt know what we were talking about telling us no one sits in any of the planes. We ran back to look again but there was no one there. When the pictures were developed there was only a bright light where the man was sitting as if the sun reflected off the window.? May 2004 Additional information: this area is no longer accessible to the public. The area is completely blocked off. The buildings are no longer there either.

St. Petersburg, Florida

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