St. Augustine - Florida School for the Deaf and Blind- Gregg Hall Dormitory

There is one ghostly figures that wander around the 1st floor east wing a boy in his teens he is almost solid and you notice him clearly he has blonde hair and wears really old fashioned clothes sticks to the bathroom only he never comes out and girls using the bathroom late at night are met by a horrific sight he?s dangling from the shower rods and his neck is nearly severed and he gets down and walks in to the wall with his head hanging on his neck and disappears and a trail of blood follows him and he?s laughing in a really weird high pitched voice and suddenly a fierce wind starts blowing and pins u up against the wall and the doors slam shut and 2 big pairs of red eyes looms out towards you.. And you hear a really high pitched cackling afterwards then all of a sudden it stops the lights go back on again and you fall on the floor and it all looks normal as if nothing ever happened. Upon research nothing has been found on any type of murder on the premises.

St. Augustine, Florida

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29.8942639, -81.3132083


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