Spring Hill - Hungry Howies

formerly 7-11 In the early 1980s in the town of Spring Hill which is outside the city of Brooksville there was a 7-11 convenience store which took in most of this towns business. And since it sat along the towns main road it was easy to access Highway 19 to the west about 3 miles away or the longer haul 7 miles to the east. At one point during the night in the late 80s a drunk male came into the store to buy a case of beer. But the clerk decided out of his own good will to not sell the case feeling the man was drunk enough already and did not want him to drive back to the store later on. The man became angry yelling and cursing so on and so fourth. So instead of buying beer he decided he wanted a pack of cigarette?s. After the purchase the clerk turned his back toward the man to grab some cleaning stuff from under the counter. At this point the man revealed a .357 revolver and shot the clerk in the back of the head killing him instantly. Now the 7-11 has since moved and now it is a Hungry Howies pizzeria and as the night moves further on more this will happen. The saloon doors to the kitchen will swing open cups and utensils will fall off the tables and onto the ground. The hanging lights will start swinging back and fourth and the lights and arcade games will suddenly shut off. The strangest occurrence happened one night when one worker left the store one night after setting up for a new promotion and came back a few hours later to help the owner for the early shift and found all the pictures and posters laying on the ground or on the counters directly under where they were placed and the security camera tape was blank but yet still recording.

Spring Hill, Florida

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