Orlando - Evans High School

The drama students and teacher have reported strange howling sounds lights going on and off and even people being locked in rooms (mainly the green room womans restroom and the costume room). March 2005 Correction: The current auditorium is haunted by a man that hung himself in the gym back in the 60s. The door on the costume room does not lock and there is no ladies restroom in the green room because there is no green room. What can be heard is noises of something moving on the catwalk above the stage and the lights around the stage will come on and go off with out anyone working them. As a former Drama student and graduate of Evans as well as many of the students have experienced the guy from the gym in the auditorium. He has never tried to harm anyone or scare anyone at all. It is believed he just wanders around the school and doesnt want to leave you can feel him in different parts of the school.

Orlando, Florida

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