Miami - Coconut Grove

Field adjacent to LaSalle High School & Mercy Hospital LaSalle High School is located at 3601 So Miami Ave in Coconut Grove. LaSalle High School and Mercy Hospital are adjacent to one another the grounds are on the waters edge and you can view Biscayne Bay from there. The story originates from the 70s or 80s when supposedly a young girl attending the school (which is an all female Catholic high school) either committed suicide over a broken heart or took an accidental drug overdose in this field. In the suicide version she was a student athlete which is why she haunts the field and has been seen occasionally during daylight hours at sporting events and has been mistaken for a participant. However she is usually seen at night and even police officers patrolling the grounds have seen her shape and mistaken her for a security guard when none are hired to work there. Upon further inspection

Miami, Florida

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25.7126013, -80.2569947


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