Fort Lauderdale - Las Olas

Riverwalk Oldest hotel in Ft. Lauderdale supposedly been there since the early 1900(s) and was recently made in the last thirty years a Museum. Been known to be the most active around the hours of late between 11:00pm and 3:00am. Countless spirits haunt the establishment as most popular apparitions making appearances seem to be a man seemingly in his mid-40s wearing a duster pacing the downstairs area. A younger man whom is in no terms of the word shy as he will in static motion creepily advance to the front door press palm and face against the glass and scare the passerby if theyre caught staring and a little girl with shoulder-length curly hair wearing a ruffled dress around the ages of 5-7

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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26.120045, -80.1078498


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