Deltona - Pineridge High school

There is a ghost who sometimes is seen by the janitors. The reason behind it is that a man was caught in the gears of the clock tower.- October 2007 Additional information: All of the students know about a ghost of a man who died while the school was being built in 1994. Also the ghost bell randomly a beep can be heard coming through the speakers. The students can hear it but some teachers cannot. Also the clock tower has an elevator in it. When you walk up to the elevator entrance upstairs its a different vibe that the busy buzz of the school. You just feel a rush of another feeling. Another interesting thing is teacher parking lot (the old senior parking lot) Drivers Ed range and our Agriculture Barn and fields are built right next to Osteen Cemetery. At the graveyard the school can be seen. There is also talk that the teacher parking lot was built on old unmarked graves.

Deltona, Florida

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28.886889, -81.1621739


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