Middletown - Locust Grove Farm

A young boy was said to have died in the house in the early 1900s. The house is 152 years old. Lights TVs turn themselves on and off. One night the toy train in the sunroom began to go around the track all by itself and voices have been heard. Feelings of not being alone when you walk in the house is common! At night the house is never quite squeaks and thumps are heard.



Home Of Governor Joshua Clayton

This home was once the residence of Joshua Clayton (1744-1798), an eminent physician and distinguished government leader in post-Revolutionary Delaware. After attending the University of Pennsylvania he established a successful local practice and was later one of the founders of the Delaware Medical Society. At the outset of the Revolution he was commissioned as an officer in the Bohemia Manor Militia. Following the war his career as a statesman began with his election to the Delaware House of Assembly in 1785. He was subsequently chosen to serve as State Treasurer in 1786, and in 1789 he was elected by the legislature to the office of “President,” or chief executive of Delaware. He was the last person to hold that title under the State Constitution of 1776. A new frame of government was adopted in 1792, and in October of that year Delawareans went to the polls to cast their ballots. With his election, Joshua Clayton became the State’s first popularly elected chief executive, and the first to hold the title of “Governor.” His public service continued in 1798 when he was chosen to serve as United States Senator. While in Philadelphia in the summer of that year he was in frequent consultation with Dr. Benjamin Rush and other physicians concerning the yellow fever epidemic that was then raging. He contracted the disease and returned to his home at “Locust Grove,” where he died on August 11, 1798.

Middletown, Delaware

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