Lewes - The Neighborhood of Bay Oaks

In this newly built neighborhood sightings of orbs and streaks of light have been reported. This bay-side area is believed to be a historical location at which a massacre occurred between the Indians and Dutch settlers. In this massacre Indians slaughtered the newly settled Dutch leaving behind artifacts such as Dutch pottery and arrowheads that have been recently found by new homeowners. Only the residents of Dutch ancestry sense the ghost?s presence or experience the symptoms that usually accompany the presence of ghosts who may still be in search of eternal rest. Certain symptoms that have been reported are: cold spots that are walked in and out of (not near an air vent or window feeling of being watched or that someone is in the room with you globes of light the disappearing and reappearing of ghost-related books about hauntings in the area and one teenage resident has reported waking up choking with the sensation of a hand around their neck then seeing the ghostly hand pull away. This area is under paranormal investigation at this time.

Lewes, Delaware

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38.7745565, -75.1393498


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