Windsor - Loomis Chaffee High School

One can expect that such an old establishment would have a history. In Founders Hall which used to contain a dormitory on the 3rd floor it is said that one or more students killed themselves. Late at night the second and third floors have a significantly unsettling feeling about them and without the lights on one cannot see to from one side of the hallways to the other. Doors seem to open and shut on their own and light footsteps like someone sneaking about can often be heard. Though these occurrences may be quite freaky any spirits that may inhabit the area do not seem malicious. There is also a system of tunnels that runs beneath the school (this is no rumor these tunnels EXIST). Footsteps of person sprinting can often be heard at late hours and some have reported seeing a man with straight black hair standing motionlessly at the end of one tunnel staring intently at the wall. Visitors are warned not to go in these tunnels alone as whatever is there seems rather unwelcoming. Some persons who decided to go alone came out with scratches and bruises on their arms and chest. The Health Center has been known to harbor a woman in white who tends to sick students at night. One student reported waking up in the early morning (~3 AM) and being given water by a woman in white. When she woke up later she spoke to the nurse on duty. The nurse told her that she had been the only one working all night. The woman in white could possibly have been an early headmasters wife who died young and spent time caring for ailing students in the health center.

Windsor, Connecticut

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