Watertown - Watertown High School

is Around 1988 to 1993 a High School football star named committed suicide by hanging himself from the bleachers of a playing field supposedly because he was drunk and depressed that his girlfriend dumped him...his father was the football coach at the high school and while on his morning jog around the fields his father found his sons lifeless body first thing in the morning before school started. After he died his presence has been felt in the hallway of the school right near the boys locker room where he had suited up for football games for four years. Witnesses describe the feeling as getting chills down the back of your neck every time they walked by that particular area! Football was this kids life and the pressure on him was doubly worse because his father was the football coach. Also his ex girlfriend seemed to vanish off the face of the earth after he died and she never came back to Watertown High again! This story can be verified by newspaper reports during that time.

Watertown, Connecticut

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