Sterling/Voluntown - Pachaug State Forest

Hells Hallow ? Maude?s Grave -September 2005 Update/correction: Formerly listed as 3 separate listings Maudes Grave can be approached far more easily from the Sterling end of Hell Hallow Road and is actually on that side not Voluntown. The grave is a pile of rocks about ten feet from the road (on the right side if you are coming from Sterling) that can be found from a cleared path. It can easily be visited without being bothered. Sightings of a 17 foot tall black flash have been seen about 2 feet above ground crossing the road in front of car headlights and then chasing the car in addition to everything already said. An Indian girl was killed by English soldiers in the section of the forest. Ever since cries attributed to her have been heard there. The ghost of a little girl named Maude has been appearing for 100 years on Hell Hollow Road near her gravesite. It is located along Hells Hallow Road. When riding in a car and her name is uttered by her gravesite the car is supposed to either stall or crash. Observers have also seen orbs. Also a man running through the woods at the same speed of the car was seen by a passenger in a vehicle. When walking on trails a heavy ominous presence can be felt and on the driving trail there are several patches of forest that are completely dead and in one location is a perfectly round pool of water that is lifeless just pure stagnation it is said that this area was a host to witchcraft and satanic rituals being held.

Sterling/Voluntown, Connecticut

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41.6032207, -73.087749


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