Stratford - Phelps Mansion

Before the Mansion was built a lady named Goody Basset was burned at the stake for being a witch. After the house was built lots of people have been drawn out of it. The legend is that if you stare in a mirror in the house you will not see your face but Goody Bassets and she will prick your arm with a needle for staring at you. November 2005 correction: Phelps was owned by Reverend Eliakim Phelps and his family in the 1800s. But the history of Phelps still intrigues people to this day. Reverend Eliakim Phelps was returning to his home on Elm street in Stratford after Sunday service on March 141850. With him was his wife two sons ages three and eleven and two daughters ages six and sixteen. When they entered the house they found the interior in shambles. Furniture food and expensive china had been strewn around the downstairs rooms the Rev. Phelps first thought was that the house was burglarized until he entered the dining room. He then concluded that demon spirits had ntered his home.- January 2007 Additional information: the house in Bridgeport on Lindley Street where in possibly 1971 even the police witnessed things such as the refrigerator hurling across the kitchen floor. It was on the TV news and newspapers and for weeks there was always a crowd gathered outside standing and waiting for something to happen that could be seen from the outside other than lights in the windows.

Stratford, Connecticut

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