Milford - Charles Island

located off of Silver Sands state beach has a long and mysterious history. It was a point of conflict between the English settlers and the Wepaowag Indians who regarded the island as sacred ground connected with spirits. Following the defeat of the tribesmen the Chief put a curse on the island pronouncing Any shelter will crumble to the Earth and he shall be cursed About 25 years after the defeat of the Wepauwags the notorious pirate Captain Kidd who knew the islands reputation is known to have buried part his treasure on the island and treasure hunters from around the country still look for this stash today. It is told that in 1850 two men found the treasure only to run away from the island screaming about a screeching flaming skeleton descending from the sky They spent the remainder of their lives in an asylum. At the end of the 18th century a monastery was built on the island. After the monks moved in dismissing the curse as pagan savagery and Indian folklore a series of mysterious deaths suicides and bouts of insanity and subsequent intensifying hauntings forced them to abandon the monastery. The crumbling ruins can still be seen today. In the 1950s and attempt was made to open a seaside restaurant and lodge on the desolate island. A devastating and lethal fire still to which cause remains unknown ended whatever building projects scheduled for the Island and no one has built upon it since. All that is left from this is a tumbling brick wall. Today reports from hikers abound about seeing glowing specters flitting through the trees disembodied voices and phantom monks making processionals through the monastic ruins. One also hears of seeing nighttime Indian festivals and hearing jazz music near the old site of the restaurant. The only access to the Island is a mysterious causeway that only surfaces from the sea at low tide. People in the summer months frequent the island for its beach and seclusion as well preserved trails. The ghosts wont bother you if you respect them. Just don?t build and DONT DIG!

Milford, Connecticut

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41.1909307, -73.0548284


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