Middlebury - Little Peoples Village

Located in the woods on the side of an abandoned road (possibly old Waterbury Road) is a village of sorts a number of very complex and detailed small stone houses standing about three to five feet high built into the hill. Some of the buildings are A framed others are more traditional they have the appearance that they are gutted and condemned inside of the little houses are elaborate room structures staircases pathways lead up hills through the woods to them tiny pathways. The area is overgrown. Built into the side of a rock is a thrown a life sized chair of sorts with several symbols around it- the legend is that if you sit on it you will die in 7 years- this is only legend though. Next to the village itself is the ruins of an old stone house with iron bars on the window... very negative energy comes from here. In the evening the road to the village is so loaded with negative energy that it is virtually impossible to travel it... it is soundless and still. En route to the village and at the village itself several pentagrams can be seen from time to time on the ground. Overall a very eerie very negative feeling pervades the area of this extremely mysterious village in the woods.- November 2003 Update: It is actually right off I84 exit 17 on the Middlebury/Waterbury line. All the other info is pretty accurate there is really only one little house left and that is partly destroyed. The stone house is still there and so is the thrown. There is also a cellar that you can go down into. Place is very spooky. Legend is that there was a man and women who lived there and she was crazy and thought she was the Queen of the little people. She made her husband build her a thrown and all the little houses. Then she killed her husband and herself or he killed her and himself. There are different variations of the story.

Middlebury, Connecticut

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41.527874, -73.119202


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