Meriden - Undercliff Institution

Back in the early 1900s till the 30s and 40s near the Undercliff Institution there was a sanatorium made for sick children with diseases like rubella mumps German measles etc. Most of the children were brought there to die. The old brick building still stands near the old institution. Residents say that they can hear children crying and laughing. They are seen in the windows but only to vanish before you. Undercliff is now an abandoned building that is host to many different sightings. Reports of hearing former patients running around corners and down hallways to escape orderlies and faint screams being heard form rooms where shock therapy was supposedly administered. Also sightings of a former patient who was murdered by a group of other patients with plastic utensils from the commissary walk the old courtyard.

Meriden, Connecticut

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41.5381535, -72.8070435


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