Killingworth - Nineveh Falls

Located at a crossing of the Hammonasset River separating the towns of Killingworth and Madison is the former site of Nineveh Falls. It is said that the ghost of a young Indian maiden and warrior haunt this area. In pre-colonial times a young warrior went to war with the rest of the warrior in his village against another tribe leaving his love behind. Soon word was received of a great battle and the villagers were told that there were casualties including the young warrior. The young maiden became inconsolable and wandered to the high cliffs at Nineveh where she jumped to her death. Shortly afterwards the young warrior unharmed arrived home only to find that his love had committed suicide. Despondent he went to the same area and committed suicide in the same manner to be with his love for eternity.

Killingworth, Connecticut

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41.35704, -72.561462


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