Groton - New London- Naval Submarine Base

Bldg 427 English Hall You must have a military ID to come on base- is a building named after Rear Admiral a dead veteran of the US. NAVY. To honor his death the building was given his name and a portrait of him stirringly hangs on the quarterdeck. His eyes appearing to watch your every move many have experienced his presence as they tour the building during their rove of inspection. A number of active duty Navy students have experience equal or deeper experiences. One prominent story raises among all others the night of the Rear-Admirals Birthrate a classified number of students report seeing the Admirals appearance while on separate levels of the building and being quick to share their sittings amongst them they quickly established that they had seen him at synchronized time periods exactly zero one hundred. They have yet to stand watch there and say they refuse to ever. May 2008 Update: Bldg 426 was torn down. 427 is still standing. There was confusion on a prior update.

Groton, Connecticut

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41.3874953, -72.0869955


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