Groton - LedgeLight (Lighthouse)

Story has it that John Ernie Randolph and his wife lived at the LedgeLight which sits out in the middle of the Ocean just at the opening of the Thames River no land around it what so ever. When there the wife kept telling Ernie that she was unhappy there and to secluded. Ernie made no attempt to move or find another job. So one day his wife took off with a Block Island Ferry Capt. Because of his wife?s leaving Ernie became so depressed that he slit his throat and then jumped to the waters below from the top of the light house. Stories have it that Ernie now haunts the lighthouse. The lighthouse was turned over to the coast guard who manned it and cadets have reported the opening and closing of doors the decks being swabbed when they werent the ones who did it. The lighthouse is now unmanned and run on a timer for when the light goes on and off. Project Oceanology of Groton has summer tours out to the lighthouse but this is the only way anyone will be able to go there.

Groton, Connecticut

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41.3500984, -72.0784092


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