Brooklyn - Trinity Church

An old church surrounded by a grave yard that dates back to the late 1700s some grave markings are even older and marked only by rocks put into the ground. There is a path behind the church that leads past a pond and up a short hill-all of this is surrounded by grown-over weeds and things. Once at the top of the hill that land becomes instantly flat and only contains trees. In the middle of this there lies a flat rock. When you stand on the rock you can notice that in front and behind you are bare and to either side of you is bare. The clearing forms a complete cross. November 2003 update correction: The serial killer of the 1980s left a body of the young girl he had killed behind this church. It is said that this was the cause of the hauntings which forced the church to shut down. No one uses the church today yet it is said that from time to time you can see people in the windows.

Brooklyn, Connecticut

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41.8001202, -71.9237987


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