West Hartford - Saint Joseph's College

There is said to be a spirit in the chapel of St. Joseph`s College. Sometimes at night, there is a light that is visible at the very top of the chapel. The light is only seen by lovers who are walking on the campus. When you look back at the light, you won`t see anything.

Aquinas Hall supposedly the site of an exorcism. When any of the priests are asked about it, they quickly become furious and tell you to mind your own business. However, the place has been closed down for apparently no reason. This dorm had offices one the first floor and had students living there a few years ago. After that it was used mainly for the nursing student offices. In 2002 there are still offices and there are now athletic coaches living in the residence area.

Drexel Hall Drexel Hall is now restricted and on the list of Indiana`s most Endangered Landmarks. Though the rest of the building is in ruins, the chapel is in perfect condition according to my sources. Also, people who enter begin hearing voices in their heads.

Dwenger Hall It is supposedly possessed. Students of the dorm next to this shut down building have claimed to see lights coming from inside. Many also claim a force compelling them to look into the windows. Rumor is that the priest who preformed the exorcism, committed suicide after it failed. (If it was in Dwenger Hall or The Theater is unclear.)

Hallas Hall supposedly haunted by a baby. Legend has it that a young woman gave birth there and the baby died. It has been there ever since and students report hearing it cry at times. There is also a claim about a girl who woke up in the middle of the night to see a very young boy at the foot of her bed.

Theater There are multiple places on campus that are either haunted or possessed. All in all, this campus may be one of the most haunted in the country. First of all, and the most widely acknowledged among the student body is the theater. Legend has it that one of the many priests on campus hung himself there after an exorcism went awry. Others believe it is a student who didn’t get a part that killed himself, rather than a priest. People still feel things touching them when they are on the catwalk and doors move without reason.

West Hartford, Connecticut

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Source: Word of mouth

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