Poncha Springs - Near top of Poncha Pass

On a small tract of land owned by the Boy Scouts for their Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base is an old dugout cabin near a small gold mine surrounded by an old corral. Many adults and scouts have reported on various occasions hearing moaning and low muttering sounds coming directly from the dugout late at night. The story is that De Anza buried some gold at this site on his way down into Poncha Springs in the 1600's. An old miner found the stash of Spanish gold pieces while mining in the area. They found him dead locked and sealed up in his little dugout supposedly scared to death with no mark on him! He had reported on his previous trips into town that he was continually being alarmed by lights and hearing loud Speaking voices which told him to leave the gold and leave the area....or die! The cabin the mine and some of the corral are still there.

Poncha Springs, Colorado

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