Platoro - The Skyline Lodge

Built 1945 in the tiny mining town of Platoro Colorado. The Lodge is a 3story log/wood building and contains a general store a restaurant a game room and guest/employee rooms. It stands at 10000ft. elevation in a valley of the San Jaun Mountain Range in Southern Colorado. There is much history at the lodge and in the Platoro area in general. Platoro was founded in the early 1880's to provide housing food and even a post office for local gold/silver miners. One of the ghosts that haunt the area/lodge is believed to be 'Little Eva'. Eva was a 16yr. old prostitute that was shot by the wife of a local miner. Her grave is an unmarked concrete slab that's in a field about 150yrds from the lodge.

Platoro, Colorado

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37.3519502, -106.5328145


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