Longmont - Vance Brand Civic Auditorium

The identity of the specter is known as Edison as there are many strange things that happen to the electrical system. Supposedly the ghost is of a janitor which was killed when the balcony collapsed on him while the place was being built. Students here have reported cold spots lights turning on and off and strange noises occurring. One student even spotted a strange figure in the back of the balcony watching them. A witness reports seeing a giant dog which chased him and a fellow technician into a storage room where the dog disappeared as well as foot steps on the catwalks during a show and have heard someone screaming from within the auditorium and neighboring hallways when no one was in the auditorium & cold spots. The chairs in the auditorium have also been known to move as if someone is sitting down or getting up from them.

Longmont, Colorado

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40.1672068, -105.1019275


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