Whittier - King Richards Antique Center

large Building built in 1903. Once used as an old Citrus packinghouse in the early 1900s. Now housing a Antique Mall since 1979 with 4 floors inside. The former Owners and Staff as well as the dealers experienced strange happenings. Two the stories are that 2 citrus plant workers died tragically in the mall. One story is that a worker had locked himself accidentally in the old freezer room in the basement and passed away. Another is unknown how but a worker died from machinery falling onto him in the back of the bottom floor. Dark shadowy figures have been seen in closing time. The cleaning crew has quit after hours when a woman cleaner screamed from the bottom floor claiming she saw a black figure watching her. Electrical appliances have sounded off with no batteries inside. Pictures have fallen feet away from where they were hung. Saucers and objects for sell have rolled or flung off onto the floors. A empty space has got the most attention where stairs use to be cold spots and sensitive customers have felt a presence there. Curiously young children who know nothing of the mall refuse sometimes to enter the basement where the freezer accident occurred. King Richards is history all around and the staff claims that they feel no threat from the strange occurrences. Sometimes you just feel like they want to be noticed or known. Oddly enough the happenings really become more active around October through the holiday season. Its hard to separate the occurrences said one worker. the Antique items that are brought in by dealers some time hold a past with them as well. But for the feeling of King Richards you see to know the difference. No harm from these ghosts just a remembrance of Whittiers History.

Whittier, California

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